About the city:
Kitzbuehel is worldwide famous Ski Center. With over 9.000 Hotel Beds it attracts over 900.000 Tourists a year. There is just one Table Dance Club, which has logically Monopoly Status in the City.

All year / Winter Season

Club-Opening Hours:
Start between 5th March and 30th April  2022

7 days a week
Monday – Sunday      22:00 – 5:00
Friday & Saturday  22:00 – 6:00

The accommodation of the girls is in a big house with all utilities .
All infrastructure is available in Kitzbühel, be it groceries, banks,Shops  or solariums.
2- 4 Bed Room, Internet, Washmachine, Kitchen, Dryer, Garden, Parkplace
Acommodation costs 20€/day

The Dancer pays the travelling expenses on her own. By bus, train.

Dress Code:
Sexy long/short dresses (sexy underwear under the dresses , for the private show)
Promotion Clothes needed (casual with high heels or Cocktail dresses)

Individual requirements:
Age: over 18 years
Enjoyable and friendly personality
German and/or English
Sociable personality


Payment :
First private show 60€ is for the dancer completely !

Champagne start from 50€ ( cocktail ) to 5000€
Dancer get 20% if paid cash,18% if paid with card

1 private show 60€ , dancer get 30€
1$ = 1€ , dancer get 0,50€
50% from tips
No daily salary

Additional Information:
Each dancer works in an employment relationship with accident, health and pension insurance.
Each dancer receives from the local a Austrian insurance card (e-card).

Length of the Contract:
Minimum contract time is 2 weeks.