About the city:
Tourism is the most important part of Business in Saalbach. It belongs to the most important tourism places of the Salzburg District. That’s why it is attracting many tourists in the Winter Season from all over the World. It is location of many world’s famous Events, like: Formula Snow, Rave on Snow, Young Boarder Day, Mountain Attack, Mountain Festival and many other.

Winter Season

Club-Opening Hours:
Daily 21:00 – 04:00

It is at the club and it is for free. There are 2-4 Bed Rooms.

The Dancer pays the travelling expenses on her own. By bus or train.

Dress Code:
No special Instructions. High heels and sexy dresses are obviosity.

Individual Requirements:
To be 18+ • Nice and friendly personality • Language Skills: German or English • Nice trained bodies

Daily Guarantee 20EUR
No Dollars
From a private dance 20EUR for the dancer
Champagne Provision 18%
Sepparee 60Min. 200EUR for the dancer

Additional Information:
Topless dancing on the stage. The Dancers work as self-employed and they should have Insurance. If not, the Club can help to make one.

Length of the Contract:
Minimum 3 weeks (The Club prefers all season staying).

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