Spain, Mallorca

Magaluf (Palma de Mallorca)

About the city:
The offered clubs are situated in the west of Palma de Mallorca, which has Population over 400.000 Citizens. Magaluf counts as preferred Holiday Destination for Visitors from United Kingdom. That’s why there are dominating English Pubs, Fish and Chips, Bingo, Billiard Centers and many Table Dance Clubs. The Club is on the busiest night life street of Magaluf.

Summer Season

Club-Opening Hours: 

Daily from 23:00 – 06:00


80€/ week, 4 dancers share an appartment. 5 minutes walk from Nightclub

The Dancer pays the travelling expenses on her own. By bus, train or airplane (Airport Palma de Mallorca).

Dress Code:
No special Instructions. High heels and sexy costumes are obviosity.

Individual Requirements:
To be 18+ • Nice and friendly personality • Language Skills: English • Slim / sporty look


Dances – 50% to the dancer and 50% to the club

Drinks – it varies, for example:

Baby Champagne – 10 Euros to the dancer and 15 Euros to the club.

Cocktail – 6 Euros to the dancer and 5 euros to the club.

Payment: Weekly, on every Tuesday

Additional Information:

Full changing facilities are available for dancers including a private shower and toilet.

House Fee is 2€ per day that you work.

Dance prices start from 20€ topless and 30€ fully nude in our common lounge and increase depending on room and time. For example our fantasy room is 90€ per 10 minutes per dancer so 1 hour with 1 dancer would be 540€.

All dancers are paid on a Tuesday unless they have a day off, in which case they are paid on a Wednesday.

Dancers must arrive no late than 15 minutes before opening and be ready to perform by 11pm.  Dancers are required to rotate 2 – 3 stage shows per night – 2 songs each time (the first with their top on and the second topless) and walk around asking for private dances and beverages.

Please remember to take with you a photo ID and NIE number.  Passports outside the EU should have a valid work permit/visa.

Length of the Contract:
Minimum 3 weeks