Prag 2

Czech Republic


About the city:
Prague is the Capital of Czech Republic and the biggest city as well (1.2 Million Citizens). Through its big number of citizens and even bigger number of Tourists offers Prague very interesting earning possibilities. Thanks to this high tourists amount every day in Prague is like a weekend day.

All Year

Club-Opening Hours:
Daily 20:00 – 06:00


The Dancer pays the travelling expenses on her own.
By bus, train or airplane (Airport Prague).

Dress Code:
No special Instructions.
High heels and sexy costumes are obviosity.

Individual Requirements:
To be 18+
Nice and friendly personality
Language Skills: English (Russian, Czech, Polish, German or Slovak advantage)
Slim / sporty look
At demand

Additional Information:
Topless dancing on the stage.
The Dancers work as self-employed.

Length of the Contract:
Minimum 3 weeks.

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