Ischgl 3

Country: Austria

City: Ischgl

About the city: Ischgl is with over 10.600 Guest’s Beds one of the most visited Ski Regions in whole Austria. The Silvretta Arena Ski Slope has over 238 km and is world’s famous and counts as of the longest slopes in the Alps. There are many famous events as well, like: Top of the mountain Concert, Ironbike Ischgl, and much more…

Season: Winter Season (End of November until May)

Club-Opening Hours: Daily 21:00 – 06:00

Accommodation: It is 15 Minutes from the club . There are Rooms for 2 – 3 Dancers, Internet, washing-machine, Kitchen. The Club organizes transfer to and from the club.

Arrival/Transport: The Dancer pays the travelling expenses on her own. By bus, train or airplane (Airport Innsbruck). If they want to be picked up and brought to the club by the Club Driver, then they have to pay 50EUR.

Dress Code: No special Instructions. High heels and sexy dresses are obviosity.

Individual Requirements: To be 18+, maximum 40 Years old • Nice and friendly personality • Language Skills: English, German, Advantage French and Spanish

There are dollars, one dollar costs 2EUR (50/50). If getting money tips, they must be changed for dollars.
The Champagne Comission is depending on the bottles. Between 20-25%. As more expensive bottles, as higher Comission.
From a Tabledance the dancer gets 20EUR.
For VIP 30 minutes the dancer gets 130EUR and for 1 hour  280EUR.

Additional Information/Rules:
Topless dancing on the stage. The dancers work in salaried employment. The club provides social insurance for dancers.
The Costs are 15 Euro per day for insurance, Transfer, accomodation…
Every dancer can have maximum one day off per a week.
Drugs and Sex Services strictly prohibited!

Length of the Contract: According to the arrangement