Hannover 2



About the city:
Hannover is the capital and largest city of the German State Lower Saxony. With a population of 518,000, Hanover is a major centre of Nordern Germany and the country’s thirteenth largest city. There is second biggest Beer “Oktoberfest” in Germany. It is a very famous trade fair centre aswell. The city is also a major crossing point of railway lines and highways connecting European main lines in both the east-west and north-south directions.

All year

Club-Opening Hours:
Monday till Thursday 20:00 – 04:00
Friday 20:00 – 05:00
Saturday 20:00 – 06:00
Sunday closed

– Apartment, 2 Minutes by walk from the club. 3 Girls in one room, 6,50 Euro per day.
– Rooms in the back of the club, maximum 2 girls per room, for free.

The Dancer pays the travelling expenses on her own.
By bus, train or airplane (Airport Hannover)

Dress Code:
No special instruction. High Heels, sexy lingerie and for every day different costume.

Individual Requirements:
To be 18+ • Nice and friendly personality • Language Skills: German or English • Body in a good shape

Daily Sallary 50EUR, On Friday 55EUR and Saturday 60EUR.
From a dollar 0,50EUR
From a Private Dance 20EUR
Champagne Provision 25-30%

Additional Information:
Topless dancing on the stage. The Dancers work as self-employed.

Length of the Contract:
According to the arrangement